• What "Beyond the Shemitah" Offers

  •   A thorough presentation on the true financial and economic conditions our country and the world to convince you that the present state of affairs are flashing Red Alert". Incredibly, our own government recently launched "Project Prophecy" to investigate these very dangers.

  • The "Actionable Recommendations" chapter provides information, guidance and resources to help you preserve and even enhance your assets and financial realm.

  • An explanation of what a Shemitah year means and its importance to both Israel and America. 

  • The chapter, "The Grand Shemitah, Year of Jubilee" explains what a Jubilee year engenders and its historical importance.

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Financial Expert, Advisor to the CIA and Pentagon, Helps Confirm.....

that the next financial and economic collapse could take place in the year of 2016 or sometime shortly thereafter.  Recently, Addison Wiggin (Executive Publisher of Agora Financial who co-authored the heralded book Financial Reckoning with Bill Bonner) reported in an e-mail that I received from him that.......

“After more than 20 years of researching, writing, and warning about our reckless government spending…..I’ve just been handed a previously unseen dossier, produced from intelligence gathered by one man deep inside the halls of the Pentagon. The pages inside that document now make one thing urgent and crystalclear....the American government has begun emergency preparations for a complete collapse of the U.S. Dollar. Not just a collapse of Wall Street like the one we saw in 2008, but a.....


This document, incredibly titled "Project Prophecy" proves that our government has already simulated a dollar collapse scenario.  Sixty members of the intelligence community, Treasury department, Federal Reserve, and Wall Street gathered to simulate how the dollar’s demise could play out.  They met behind closed doors of the Pentagon’s Applied Physics Laboratory, a secret facility just outside of Washington, D.C. [concluding] details of that top-secret meeting…..details that have been kept under wraps for years.....
We need to be aware and recognize that our  nations present financial/economic condition is in greater peril than that which existed prior to the credit/real estate collapse of 2008.
H. Vandergouw

I believe we as a nation are on the brink of a massive financial crisis.  Infinitely worse than the crisis of 2008.  And that's because it won't be a banking or mortgage problem...but a full blown "currency crisis"...the likes of which we've never experienced in this country.
Dr. Ron Paul

The world has become addicted to borrowing money, spending it, and passing this off as growth.  This is a copybook example of a pyramid scheme, which in turn means that the world's most influential mentor is neither Keynes nor Hayek, but Charles Ponzi.
Dr. Tim Morgan
The Coming Collapse
Even if you do not purchase Beyond the Shemitah to apprise yourself of the current financial and economic conditions that our country faces, please read Dr. Ron Paul's Warning (link above) and the specific listing of concerns as given in Project Prophecy (please note: this title was given by our own government).  I truly believe that after you read these warnings, you will want to PREPARE in safeguarding your wealth and assets as never before.
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In fact, the Safe Haven Advisor can be considered one of the safest investment concepts on the planet today.  The heart of this system takes into consideration the 50/50 Investment Strategy.. 

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The other 50% of your investable capital is devoted to financial instruments that are predicated to go up when the market turns down.  In fact, many of its component parts are not necessarily aligned or tied to the stock market, but are part and parcel to a "Safe Haven" repository that will skyrocket if a market collapse where to occur.

Please, consider the essence, strategy and protection that the Safe Haven Advisor can provide in both up and down market conditions.  This is pointedly explained in the website, free of charge.

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Warning Signs...

Never before has our country been in such a perilous financial state of affairs, and yet life goes on as though nothing seems amiss.  The "talking heads" at CNN and MSNBC assure us that all is well.  The stock market has reached new highs and the real estate market has come back.  Supposedly unemployment is reaching record lows (but a serious and fair analysis will show quite the opposite). This is exactly what it was like prior the 2008 credit/real estate crash! Yet the fundamentals are far worse today then when they were 2008.  So serious is the situation that behind closed doors our own government has planned for a complete collapse of the U.S. Dollar (read article to the right).

Fundamentals such as manipulated markets, our national deficit now hovering over $20 trillion, unfunded government liabilities well over $100 trillion, total unrestrained printing of money, a $700+ trillion derivative market, a record $60 trillion banking system debt, and the list goes on. You can apprise yourself of these numerous details in the free chapter given in this website titled Project Prophecy in the link given above.  Or obtain "Beyond the Shemitah" and read the greater story behind what really is going on.

With knowledge and understanding of the dangerous conditions that presently exist, you need to diversify your financial portfolio to protect against a devastating market collapse. To do so, consider the Safe Haven
Breaking News                                                       11/9/16

A miraculous train of both non-events and events has just taken place.  First, the fulfilment of the Year of Jubilee, which ended Oct. 2, 2016, came and went without fanfare.  The potential for a market collapse did not transpire as the year of Jubilee could of portended.  The same (non-event) also took place in one of the most volatile months of the financial markets, the Jewish month of Tishri, which ended Oct 31, 2016.   Then, on Nov. 8, 2016 Donald Trump shocked not only our nation but the world when he was elected 45th President of the United States of America.  With an incredible surprise upset over Hillary Clinton, Trump is now expected to lead this country into better times, depending on your political persuasion.

I believe both situations, the passing of the Jubilee Year without a finanical collapse and the election of Donald Trump, are to be viewed as God's incredible and unfathomable grace and mercy for our country, the United States of America.  We, especially His people, are to be most thankful and appreciative for His continued love and compassion for the people of this great land.  He truly is giving the Christian community another opportunity of incredible magnitude to impact this nation and the world for Him in ways we should not take for granted.

Nonetheless, we shouldn't let our guard down in believing that all is well and safe with our current financial and economic condition.  The fact of the matter, as stated above, "our nations present financial/economic condition is in greater peril than that which existed prior to the credit/real estate collapse of 2008."  Now, even more powerful and devastating information has just been released to indicate why our countries financial and economic status has just reached a "Defcon 4" level rating - even more dangerous than the warning given below.  CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THIS NEW INFORMATION.

In the meantime, I fully believe while we continue to PREPARE both spiritually and financially, the Lord of Heaven and Earth is giving this people another window of opportunity to get it and do it right.  Could this possibly be the last window of opportunity before the dreadful and awful Day of the Lord?  Is He giving us another opportunity to bring the world to Him as a reward to the One Who paid it all?  I personally believe so.  I pray we don't squander this opportunity.
See Breaking News article below about the the Jubilee and the Presidential Election