The Coming Collapse
Introduction to "Beyond the Shemitah"

I would like to provide a quick summary of the chapters contained in this work so that you can achieve the most stimulating and enjoyable reading of this book.   I have attempted to set up the chapters in such a way to provide a logical progression that will culminate and emphasis the goal of this work.  This goal is to have you become convinced that we are truly living in perilous times and that a new economic order (vis a vis; New World Order) is almost ready to be placed into its ultimate state of existence.  Secondarily, it is also the goal of this book to help you PREPARE for this “sudden” change of economic order which is part and parcel to the New World Order.  In this regard, I believe the most helpful and effective part of this book is the “Actionable Recommendations” chapter.  I pray that this section and the associated material that constitutes this book will all tie in together to have you PREPARE for not only the coming economic changes that will affect all of our lives in ways we never would have expected, but to have you look to and experience the greatest giver of life and power in the universe, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Provider, Protector and Savior!

Chapter 1 -  Quandry

Gives an overview of my surprise that the Shemitah of 2015 did not unfold as I had expected it to.  This chapter provides a basic layout of what the Shemitah of 2015 and the 2016 year of Jubilee may hold in store for us based on current economic conditions.  It also gives a quick introduction of how I became sensitized by the Holy Spirit to the deteriorating economic conditions from the time I became a believer in Jesus Christ and sets the stage for information that will help prove that an imminent global economic collapse is around the corner.

Chapter 2 – What is the Shemitah?

Looks at what the Shemitah actually means and how it relates to God’s ordained word.  In this regard, we look at the historical context of how the Shemitah has played itself out, especially for the nation of Israel.  From this analysis, we see an incredible correlation of how Israel was judged on failing to fulfill the law of the Shemitah and its consequences through the ages.  We also consider the application of the Shemitah to America and consider if there is a correlation.  Finally we consider how the Lord used the law of the Shemitah to allow Israel to be reborn as a nation, the only nation on earth to ever have this happen to.  In this regard, it truly is a miraculous event.

Chapter 3 – The Grand Shemitah, Year of Jubilee

Considers in greater detail the meaning and historical implications of the Jubilee.  Historically, major world changing events have taken place during or shortly following a Jubilee year.  As we consider past Jubilees and their historical significance, the year 2016 could well become a world changing year.  This could have profound significance as America is holding a presidential election which could in itself have great implications.   Although 2016 is a Jubilee year, Israel will celebrate its 70th birthday as a reborn nation on May 14, 2018.  Finally, we consider prophetic fulfillment in light of past Jubilees that have taken place and what may be yet in store for those yet to be.

Chapter 4 – In the Beginning

Gives a sad, but true timeline of how our country, being the richest country in the world became the most indebted country in the world in only a matter of 50 years.  It tells a heartbreaking story of a number of concerned and dedicated Americans who saw “the writing on the wall” and have done all they could to stop the direction this country was heading towards.  At the same time, it also illuminates those who were warned but did little to change this direction.

This chapter also sets the stage for understanding and realizing in the following chapters how our country has attained such a great number of fiscal and financial defects.  This being the case, the present state of affairs should give any reader a sense of great alarm for the limited years we have left to the present economic order.  The goal of this chapter is to set the stage for giving the reader greater concern for where our country is at this present time to be able to take heed and PREPARE.

Chapter 5 – Project Prophecy and Our Current Economic State

Looks at the work of Jim Rickards, financial analyst who has worked directly with the CIA, Treasury Dept. and other government affiliated offices to prepare our leaders for a collapse of both the US dollar and our economic realm.  It was at the time of my reading  The Mystery of the Shemitah that I received this solicitated information from Mr. Rickards which helped confirm the seriousness of where our country is today.  This information provides an updated and sober assessment of current economic and financial indicators that are “red-lining” to the dangers we are presently in.  There can be no denying that our country and that of the world are in the terminal stage.  We have truly little time to PREPARE!

Chapter 6 – Evidence of a New World Order

Considers the malevolent forces at work today that will eventually bring the regime of the antiChrist into being.  Information is presented by experts that allude to how close we are to a one world government, cashless society, and sadly, the antiChrist “Mark of the Beast” system.  What makes this information so relevant is that there now exists sub-structures in place to allow this to happen.  Your reading of this material should help to make you aware of how close we truly are while at the same time priming you for the next chapter.

Chapter 7 – The Day America Stood Still

Gives a sobering assessment of how close we are to a total collapse of our economy while at the same time providing some scenarios of how this could play out.  Not only that, there are noted weaknesses in our country’s infrastructure that if such would fail, the repercussions of a such a failure could bring incredible havoc, damage, chaos and even anarchy to our country.  Examples are given of other countries that have or are experiencing such gyrations for which we can draw on.

Chapter 8 – Actionable Recommendations

Provides practical recommendations and ideas to help you in the coming tough days spoken about in previous chapters.  As important, it also provides recommendations that would allow you to continue prospering and protecting your investments and assets even if a calamitous event where not to happen.

The bottom line is that the material contained herein would be a PREPATORY GUIDE for potentially troublesome days ahead.  Instituting them should be extremely reasonable and prudent for a family’s well being and financial preservation.

Chapter 9 – Final Thoughts

Includes a portion of my testimony regarding how I had once miffed this country and its inherent goodness regarding its God given calling.  It also sheds some historical perspective on the greatness of this country in relationship to World War II and what has transpired within a generation.

Lastly it includes a perspective written by Don McAlvany which is worthy of consideration given our present state and the ultimate answer and help to whom all can go to in times of trouble and in good.

Addendum: Daniel's 70 Weeks Explained

Gives an explaination about the prophet Daniel's foretelling (prophecy) of the time of Jesus the Messiah's first coming.  It is an amazing analysis that gives ultimate evidence for the veracity and truthfullness of God's Word.  Moreover this prophecy links the last week (70th week) with the 7 year period of the coming Tribulation.  It is worthy of your consideration.

For years H. Vandergouw has been sensitized by the Lord in regard to the last days we are living in.  As such, one of the areas that He has specifically targeted is the economic realm that our nation currently exists in and the new economic order that is envisioned within the context of the coming Day of the Lord. 

His previous writing of Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation in 2011 included a chapter that considered our ominous economic realm that not only our nation was beset with, but that of the world as well.

Since that time, even greater warning signs are becoming evident which are issuing “critical” alarms as never before. Sadly, our government and media are covering up the dangers that these alarms are issuing.   Using Biblical precedence and the historical results of both the Shemitah and Jubilee, which I define as the Grand Shemitah, the year 2016 could be the year where a serious economic “fall” takes place.  In this regard, the Lord gave this author “Actionable Recommendations” as He titled them for your benefit in PREPARING for one of the greatest economic collapses that this world has ever seen or experienced.  It is my greatest hope that this book will be an incredible resource for you in the perilous days ahead.


Since the day H. Vandergouw became marvelously born again into the kingdom of God, he has looked up and yearned for the coming of Jesus.  In this regard, it has led down a road that has involved research, revelation and greater understanding to the times we are living in.  The culmination of this yearning has led to the writing of Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation, The Amazing Evidence (a book and website that offers some of the latest proof for the existence of the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit), and this latest work, Beyond the Shemitah.

This author truly believes that we may well be the last generation before the return of Jesus Christ, first for His bride, the Church, and then the world, to become King of kings and Lord of lords for an eternal reign which has no end.  I pray that all who read this book will have greater appreciation for the times we are living in and to become PREPARED for the coming King as never before.