The Coming Collapse
Update on the Jubilee, the "Grand Shemitah"

The year of Jubilee, which began on Sept 13, 2015 and ended Oct. 2 has indeed come and gone without a great market shakeup.  However, this does not exclude the most volatile month of the year which has caused the greatest market downturns in history.  This is the Jewish month of Tishri where 80% of all market downturns have occured just in this one month alone following Shemitah years.  The month of Tishri began on Oct. 2, will continue 30 days and end Oct. 31, 2016.  Therefore, we still need to be on "alert" for a possible market downdraft of serious consequence, especially with a controversial and 'anything is possible' election.

Note, the premise of "Beyond the Shemitah" emphsizes the serious concerns of our nations as well as global financial and economic imbalances.

For years H. Vandergouw has been sensitized by the Lord in regard to the last days we are living in.  As such, one of the areas that He has specifically targeted is the economic realm that our nation currently exists in and the new economic order that is envisioned within the context of the coming Day of the Lord. 

Since that time, even greater warning signs are becoming evident which are issuing “critical” alarms as never before. Sadly, our government and media are covering up the dangers that these alarms are issuing.   Using Biblical precedence and the historical results of both the Shemitah and Jubilee, which I define as the Grand Shemitah, the year 2016 could be the year where a serious economic “fall” takes place. 

However, even if a coming economic collapse does not occur during these biblical periods where high probability for such an event could take place (remember, based on the "Shemitah Effect" alone, history has shown that the markets have experienced serious and significant downturns 85% of the time during Shemitah years), we need to realize that present conditions in our financial and economic realms are significantly worse than they were in the year preceding the 2007-2008 credit/real estate collapse. This being true, how can we not believe and expect that a similar if not worse collapse is imminent? 

For this reason the chapter “Actionable Recommendations” as I believe the Lord titled them, are offered for your benefit in PREPARING for one of the greatest economic collapses that this world will experience.

Following the book, "Beyond the Shemitah", the goal of the Safe Haven Advisor is to keep you abreast of what is taking place not only financially and economically, but to provide enhanced financial products for both investment profit and safety for your consideration.  It is my greatest hope that the book "Beyond the Shemitah" and the "Safe Haven Advisor" will be an incredible resource for you in this regard.
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